The Beer Latte Show

Is there an after life?

Today we speak with a guest Liz Entin about the possibility’s of an after life. Is there one? Reincarnation? What really happens to us?

Ghost in the Valley - Are they out there?

In the episode we talk to someone who has had real life Ghost experiences! Along with doing some paranormal investigations. What do you think about ghost and paranormal activity?

Healing your inner child with Kathy Sanderson

Today we speak with Kathy Sanderson in the UK about how your childhood can hold you back with your current goals. We talk about past lives and reincarnation too!

Talking to the Beyond with Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice

In this episode we have spirit medium Tiffany Rice. We talk about what it’s like to be and become a spirit medium. We also hear from Danielles mother along with much more!

Aliens - Are we Alone?

On this episode we look into the idea how we could actually be alone in this world or not. We dive deep into alien and other theories out there. Is the government hiding truths from us? Are alien encounters a way to hide government conspiracies? Our Guest this week is David Daniel Gonzalez from Mystic-Skeptic Radio.

Random talk with Weird AF News Jonsey

Why are aliens always humanized? Why does Florida has some crazy ass stories? If you can be visited by a ghost, who would it be!?!?

Interview with Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis

Today we speak with Jesse Lewis about hypnosis, ghost, aliens, and much more! 

Visited by spirit, deadly Australian creatures and TV talk

On this episode we drink some beers from eclipse brewing and talk to Jamie Apps from Australia. We discuss His dads spirit, some tv and movies and deadly Australian creatures.

Interview with Kris Sumner Of Soul Sisters Paranormal

Today we interview kris sumner of soul sisters paranormal. We find out some of the evidence of ghost they’ve found along with how they go about investigations. We also find out some of her favorite places and evidence of paranormal and ghost. 

Fun Talk With Crime Analysts

Today we speak with a crime analyst about some of the crimes she’s worked on, some of the crazy stuff she’s seen. How she gets A lot of info on people from phones and burner phones along with a whole slew of randomness!

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