The Beer Latte Show

Reincarnation. Is It Real?

In this episode we talk about the possibility of reincarnation along with my tangents on random topics!

Do past lives cause your current problems?

We talk with Chris Lee as he explains how he can get you to see your past lives and let go of pain, trauma and much more!

Can Meditation Heal Chronic Illness?

Can meditation heal chronic illness? Can doing it get you where you want to be in life? Will you give it a try?

Andrew’s Real Life Paranormal Experiences

In this episode we hear some crazy real,life experiences of paranormal!

New Home, Haunted House in Florida

In this episode you’ll hear some haunted stories from a home in Florida. Did they build on an Indian burial ground? Was it bad thoughts and/or wrong music choices? Wild times for sure!

Chris From Dudes and Beer Podcast Stops By For a Deep Conversation

In this episode we touch on basically everything, so sit back relax and enjoy the conversation 

Haunted House Stories in Boise, ID

In this episode we speak with Danielle Young and find out some crazy stories that her, her boyfriend and some roommates had in this crazy house they rented!

Do Aliens Work For The Government?

In this episode we talk to AJ who had a friend that allegedly was a body guard for an alien for the US government. We learn about their propulsion systems  And more!

The Witches of Africa

Is witchcraft real? Can a medicine man or shaman heal you? Listen in on this wild story of life or death! Witches in Africa can be crazy. 

Do We Live In a Simulated World?

In this episode we talk about how we could be living in a simulated world, a brief discussion on the rabbit hole of the Bible, what the hell happened to the size of candy bars and cereal boxes and more!

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